Family lift

Most houses tend to verticality.
The stairs are the only way to access the different areas of the house, which in principle is an attractive, soon becomes quite uncomfortable.

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And a major drawback when it comes to the elderly or health problems. Our range of home lifts MINI-UP solve the problem for you to raise or lower with a flick of a finger.
  Your comfort in 1m ²
The MINI-UP home lifts only need a 1m ² horizontally for up to 11.5 m vertically. Their different models of doors and lateral hydraulic drive system, ensure a perfect installation, whatever the conditions of your location. You simply choose the model that suits your home decor and Zardoya Otis’ll do the rest.
Everything under control
Emergency System as standard, which allows the automatic lowering of the lift to the ground floor and opening doors to a possible power failure.
Semiautomatic doors have lockable double locking: mechanical and electrical. Approval of fire resistance according to UNE 23-802-79, issued by the LICOF.

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