Acoustic isolation

The sound waves propagate in a straight line, and finding in its path deviate a compact body, the material forming the same angle of incidence. This property of sound is on multiple occasions a serious drawback. Indeed, in the theater and cinema sound waves departing the stage are passed around the room, where compact surfaces found on walls, ceilings, floors or ledges of balconies and columns, which behave with respect to sound like an elastic membrane.
As more compact is a material, the greater the conductivity (permeability sound, or more correctly conductivity of sound. In Conductive materials is based primarily on its compactness.), Then porous materials are good insulators and all Sound Noise in general. This property must be kept in mind when selecting materials for the current work, but more still if it’s local offices and workshops, where the noise of the machines is inescapable.
Not all materials reflect sound waves with the same intensity, some have the ability to absorb sound, property called power of absorption. If there is a room window open, it absorbs all the sound that hits it. Then, a porous material containing many molecules of air absorbirà sounds that affect the ratio much more than another more compact.
The workshops and offices where the sounds are continuous, it utilitzan porous coatings, known com antisonicos with which they become silent. It was found that the performance of workers and workers has increased in the rooms where I put a coating antisonico, but has come to establish the appropriateness of allowing a small reflection of sound, known as reverberation, because it reinforces the sounds producing a hearing successful and enjoyable.
Also with regard to industrial noise, for example in the production halls, medical experts have long been in agreement on this: that the noise causes no. 1 of occupational diseases, and a level equivalent to more than 85 dB (A) lead to a corrective measure noise in accordance with the standards for accident prevention.
The industry provides porous materials of various degrees, which have to select the most appropriate for each caso.Asímismo, acoustics should be able to look, ie have design. A corrective action to be caustic to improve the color and shape, printing and joint space must be adapted to existing interior architecture.
DECOMAT, responding to the demands of a more sensitive about noise protection, markets a wide range of sound absorbers. These materials are simply stuck on roofs and walls, or hung from the ceiling, very easily resolved absorption problems that arise in all types of enclosures.
We present the catalog illbruck. It will find our range of foams and as novelties included in this catalog and metal roofs and decorative acoustic foam.
If it is sound absorption, DECOMAT has the solution to the problems of reverberation.

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