Isolation is a basic concept to guarantee comfort independently from external temperature and humidity.

Isolation means comfort, environmental respect and economic savings.

Furthermore comfort, isolation can provide us important economic savings that we can experience in the monthly electrical invoices.

Ask for our sustainable materials’ list for your home or neighbors community.

With what purpose the insulation materials used in construction?
The insulating materials used in construction in order to protect the home against:
moisture (water)
the fire (fire)
heat and cold (air)

The functions of insulating materials are then hidròfugues, antitèrmiques, antisòniques and fireproof.


Insulate for the sake of well-being.
Improving heating and cooling efficiency and reducing energy bills.

Insulate for protection from noise
Absorbing sounds, reducing their propagation to obtain optimum acoustical protection.

Insulate for protection against fire
Mineral wools are incombustible by nature, none hydrophilic and have no capillary action. They does not give off toxic fumes.

Preserving natural resources
Products are made from raw materials which are available in large quantities in nature. Plants are committed to a strict policy regarding the disposal of liquid waste products, removing impurities from smoke, and treating solid wastes.

Consideration for future generations
Efficient insulation reduces the emission of carbon dioxide (CO²) and sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere by more than 50 %, responsible of greenhouse effect and acid rains








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