Fireproofing: the construction of theaters, cinemas, tanks, etc..,’s Must take special precautions against fire hazard. When selecting materials preference should be given to those with higher registència to the action of fire. Among commonly used in construction, can recognize them more registents the action of fire that are not even those who are mijanament, very simply, because the fire is directly registència proportional to the density of the material.

Among the flame retardants, there are those manufactured with asbestos fibers, mineral wool, etc.., And on tables, blocks, bricks, cartons, tubes, cement, etc..

The flame retardants are also used to coat pipes and boilers to keep fianlitat lossless high temperatures are essential to the industry or to coat the inside furnace and crucible.

The quintessential flame retardant asbestos is present, coming from the decomposition furnace. On it are represented two types: the so-called Amphibol and Chrysotile, both with high proportion of silicon, the first tea large proportion of ferric oxide with the air in small cells is highly fireproof. The second has a high proportion of magnesium that gives certain property lubricant.

Among the products made with asbestos include:

The fiber cement. An example of the industries that we have with the material Eternit, in smooth and grooved plates. Its features are: 4 mm thick, 1.20 to 2.50 m long and 1.20 m wide. Also made of imitation marble 1:20 by 2.50 m. can be cut, nailed it, smoothing it, etc..

Asbestos Cloth: got a lot of industrial uses. Building used for curtains and theaters and cinemas as insulating heat produced by the thread of asbestos in its preparation have been combined fibers or copper wires with metal wires, metal or white lead, according to their destination.

Asbestos paper and cardboard: it is manufactured with asbestos fibers and a special binder. Material is a strong record that has sufficient flexibility for application in various commercial uses.

The manufactured with magnesium (Chrysotile), either in sheets, tubes, blocks or powder should not be used for more than 260 ° C, the blocks are 0.91 for 0:15 and 25 mm thick, and its weight 0.85 kg. The register Superex to 1040 ° C, between the fibers brings added magnesium carbonate or silicon diatomaci. Elss blocks are the same size before.

The paper is manufactured in various thicknesses, is supplied in rolls of 101.6 mm (40”) wide and from 9:52 mm (3/8”) thick. Heavy type is used as the base and asphalt roof shingles and tiles under the dual ownership of fireproof and heat insulation.

Mineral wool: it is a good insulator, and without absolutely fireproof material that may decay. It is recommended for temperatures up to 540 ° C. It is made of pure fiber stone and limestone Used to fill empty tabics dividing walls within the furnace.

Insulating glass: the glass spun into long fibers, bright and very little diameter and is completely

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