The small business is part of the core of a model of society, civilization, cohesion and urban as opposed to big box (large area) Ikea Sabadell.

His first huge buying power allowed them to obtain more favorable prices from their suppliers.

In a second phase of the commercial business was moved to the financial field. Sell ​​for cash and mad to pay three or six months at the time of money because there was a good deal in the interbank market.

A third stage of evolution was a result of falling interest rates, which led to settling the real estate business. Shopping centers sold or rented stores.

Now it is offering a display of apparent mall to actually exploit bowling alleys, restaurants, go-kart tracks, shows, cinemas, etc.. In order to achieve agglomeration of visitors.

This process is to maximize profits by whatever procedure, colonizing and converting the country into an extractive industry that will allow them to repatriate profits …. no matter what kind of society, civilization, cohesion and urban fabric.

Ikea Sabadell

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